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About the Movie
Sno Babies
Sno Babies
United States
Philly Born Productions

A 16 year old heroin addicted honor student gets pregnant. Hiding the pregnancy, she battles the underbelly of suburban teen life while she explores her flawed and limited choices.

Director - Bridget is a director, editor, stand-up comic who did the comedy circuit for years before landing a featured spot on Comedy Central’s long running series Premium Blend.Read More
Producer/Writer - Mike was one of the first winners of Fade In magazine’s prestigious national screenplay competition for his original feature length thriller, Driven.Read More
Producer - Michael first achieved widespread attention as a series regular playing a young firefighter in the critically acclaimed FX series Rescue Me.Read More
Director of Photography - Joe Hennigan is a professional Cinematographer with over thirteen years in the industry.Read More
Composer - Megan Cavallari is a professional composer who worked alongside Danny Elfman on The Nightmare Before Christmas.Read More
Line Producer - Roy Koriakin is a professional Line Producer, Assistant Director, and Writer with over 14 years in the industry.Read More
Kristen McKusker - Beautiful 16 year old suburban honor student who is addicted to heroin.Read More
Hannah - Kristen's best friend who introduced her to oxy at a party.Read More
Matt - Salt of the earth guy who's values clash with the fast pace of today's societyRead More
Clare McKusker - Kristen loving, hard working motherRead More
Anna - Matt's wife who is struggling to have a babyRead More
Valerie - Kristen's tutor and confidantRead More
Sister Margaret - Sister Margaret runs a Catholic birthing center for pregnant teens.Read More
Gil - Claire's boss who's interest in her career take her away from homeRead More
Bill McKusker - Kristin's hard working, loving, white collar father who can never seem to get ahead.Read More
Madison McKusker - Kristin's adorable, feisty little sister who relies on her for emotional support.Read More
Jimmy - Valerie's blue collar husband who is struggling to provideRead More
Father O'Hanlon - Parish PriestRead More
Mike - College freshman football star who charms KristenRead More
Mary - Tim's very opinionated sister who pressures him to sell the family's land so they can get ahead in life.Read More
Jeff - 20 year old slick preppy good looking drug dealing older boyfriend of Hannah.Read More
Patrick - Hanna's preoccupied fatherRead More
Brandon - Kristen's popular boyfriend and school football star.Read More
Crossover - Drug dealing street thugRead More
Emily - Addicted teen and Kristen's high school friend.Read More
Mia - Young impressionable neighbor of Kristen's who worships the ground she walks on.Read More
Teen Vocalist/Saddie - Beautiful young singer and friend of Kristen'sRead More
Brianna - Kristen's heroin addicted friend.Read More
Stacy - Young gorgeous new wife of Hannah's dad
Coyote - Coyote loose in the forest preserveRead More
Bridget Smith
Bridget Smith

“SNO BABIES” AMERICAN NIGHTMARE Sno Babies is a gritty independent feature film about Kristen, a 16 year old heroin addicted honor student from a “good” Catholic family, who gets pregnant. Hiding the pregnancy and her addiction, she battles the underbelly of suburban teen life while she explores her flawed and limited options.

Unlike most films about heroin addiction, Sno Babies explores this horrible epidemic in America’s suburbs, where teens have access to money and parents are often too busy pursuing the American Dream to see what is happening right in their own homes. We follow Kristen and her 17 year old best friend Hannah as they navigate typical suburban teen life, all the while shooting heroin into their systems in the most innovative ways to hide needle marks from their family, friends and authority figures. And also unlike most films about heroin addiction, Kristen and Hannah cannot be easily written off as “different” or obviously damaged individuals from some obscure subset of our culture. It’s too easy for most “normal” non addicted people to write off over the top drug addicted characters in films as “them.” The other people. Most non addicted people can’t relate to these characters. When they see what they perceive as a repulsive drug addicted character in a film, as upsetting as it is to watch, they easily brush it off and say “that can never happen to me or anyone in my family.” Sno Babies is different.

Kristen and Hannah are America’s daughters. One comes from an intact family with siblings and the other, an only child from a family of divorce with a new step parent. In other words, a snapshot of current American families. We watch a nightmare unfold in front of our eyes as these two beautiful girls with seemingly bright futures, shoot poison in their bodies just to cope with the pressures of typical teen life. And no one in their world notices.

Kristen’s pregnancy raises the stakes even higher and provides a ticking clock to the story. Will Kristen win the battle of her addiction in time to save herself and the innocent baby growing inside her? What is it about our society – parenting styles, friends, teachers, societal pressures, social programs, the Catholic Church (or any church for that matter) that prevents Kristen from dealing with the pregnancy and her addiction openly? Why can’t she take advantage of the help that is supposedly readily available?

Sno Babies is an indictment of several layers of American society as we know it. It’s hard hitting and extremely disturbing. Watching Kristen and Hannah descend into the black hole of addiction is every parent’s worst nightmare. I believe that exposing this unvarnished real horror will open people’s eyes and encourage them to look at themselves and their own families.

Hopefully, Sno Babies can make a difference and save future Kristens and Hannahs from this living hell.

Sno Babies Theme Song

Lyrics by Matt Hunter

Music by Matt Hunter, Andrew Rdesinski and Justin Hopf


Sno Babies Theme Song

Sponsors/Special Thanks

Dr. Deni Carise

Scott Fleming

Father Dan Mindling

Dave Klein

Pam Turner

Richard Luscomb

Logan Family

Cindy Borst

Gerri Seltzer

Ben Friedman

Fred Ryland 

Josh Coonradt

Vinny Brindisi

Steven Rivera

Joe Sinclair

Doreen Sloan

Dena Klingberg

Corey McDonald

Hal Beardsley

John Turturro

Gagliardi Family

AJ Foundation

Dr. Michael Walsh

Richie Jones


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