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Kristen and Hannah are best friends­–smart, popular and college-bound– and also addicted to heroin. The pair of seemingly unlikely addicts spiral down a path of destruction, hiding their secret from well-meaning but busy parents behind pink bedrooms and school uniforms.

Sno Babies is a gripping and emotive story about the grim realities of addiction and the triumph and challenges of recovery from substance use disorders. More than just a movie, Sno Babies is a reminder that we can change perceptions on substance use disorders, and through the power of our networks and communities, we can save lives.

Each facet of the Sno Babies project raises money for The Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation (GRI), the first and only national community foundation dedicated to funding support services for people in early recovery from substance use disorders. Every sale and stream of the movie, the soundtrack and the song “Maybe It’s Time” raises money for GRI.

By empowering our networks to share music and videos that amplify the message that recovery is possible, we can make a direct positive impact on our local communities.

People can and do recover. To learn how to talk to a friend or loved one struggling with a substance use disorder and understand more about how stigma prevents those struggling with a SUD from seeking help, visit: https://globalrecoveryinitiatives.org/the-issues/

Sno Babies Soundtrack cover art

Track Listing:

1. I Came To Party – Deuce
2. Moth – HELLYEAH
3. Outlaws & Outsiders – Cory Marks
4. Broken – From Ashes To New
5. Belly Of The Beast – SIXX:A.M.
6. Shame On You – Bang Bang Romeo
7. Heroine – Eva Under Fire
8. Better Off This Way – Bad Wolves
9. Walk On – Escape The Fate
10. Skin – SIXX:A.M.
11. Sober – Bad Wolves
12. Maybe It’s Time – SIXX:A.M.

Maybe It's Time
Sixx:A.M. - Maybe It's Time

Every time “Maybe It’s Time” is streamed or downloaded, a contribution is made to Global Recovery Initiatives (GRI) to support individuals in recovery. All artist royalties from the song, with matching funds from Better Noise Music, are being donated. Make sure you download and submit a review today! #LetsSaveLives

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