Claire McKusker - Hard working, Realtor mother of Kristen and Sean.Read More
Valerie - Kristin's SAT Tutorand family friend who goes on a mission to help Kristin kick her heroin addiction.Read More
Sister Margaret - Sister Margaret runs a Catholic birthing center for pregnant teens.Read More
Tim - Salt of the earth guy struggling to support his wife.Read More
Bill McKusker - Kristin's hard working, loving, white collar father who can never seem to get ahead.Read More
Anna - Tim's wife and high school sweetheart. Small town girl struggling to get pregnant while scrapping enough money to buy a house and have the life she's always wanted with Tim.Read More
Nicole - Kristin's troubled best friend. She is sixteen going on forty.Read More
Madison - Kristin's adorable, feisty little sister. She worships her big sister and relies on her for emotional support.Read More
Mary - Tim's very opinionated sister who pressures him to sell the family's land so they can get ahead in life.Read More
Dennis - Valerie's struggling blue collar husband.Read More
Kristen - TO BE CASTRead More